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GunGame Vote Addition

Postby Predator » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:11 pm

Basically it's like a GunGame extend map option like in other voting systems.

My idea:

Add the option "Replay Map?" into the vote.

Basically it wouldn't reload the map would just reset everyone and restart the round at the end of the map.

Variables which could be considered (not the names of course :P):

gg_replays_per_map 2 To control how many times it appears in a maps votes, so they don't replay the same map forever :)

gg_start_of_vote 1 To control if it appears as option 1 on the vote
gg_end_of_vote 0 To control if it appears as the last option on the vote

Other things, would it be an addition to max maps per vote or just remove 1, Example if i say 5 maps per vote would it display 5 maps + Replay or 4 Maps + Replay. I personally think it should display 4 + Replay as it will display 5 after replays run out.

Hope to see this in the next version :)
Keep up the good work!


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