GG5 server running in deathmatch mode advice

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GG5 server running in deathmatch mode advice

Postby scso1502 » Wed May 20, 2009 2:30 pm

Hey Guys,

I just signed up here and know all to well about the troubles you are experiencing with Gungame 5 DeathMatch. It's awesome fun but at one point the crashes occurring 4-5 times per day just about forced me to remove it entirely. Somehow I managed to stay with it and have discovered several important things that may help you work around your problem, but certainly not fix it.

1. Gungame 5 definately leaks memory. Our 24-slot GG5/DM server will consume nearly 2 GB of RAM over the course of 24 hours. The server is extremely busy, seeing as many as 600 people per/day, but any GG/DM server will consume memory regardless of the number of players. As a result of this "Memory Leak", we have chosen, like others who have mentioned here, to use a script to reboot the server each night at 3:00 AM. This restart clears the memory leak and the server restarts back to using only about 250 MB of RAM. By the time it's back up to 2GB+ of RAM usage, the server restarts again for the night. Daily restarts are no longer optional, the are required if you run Gungame 5. Having a nightly reboot script allows you to control the time of the reboot. Without one, the server will gladly take care of the reboot for you by crashing when the memory runs out in your box. So why not schedule it and beat the server to it.

2. FORGET RUNNING GG5 AT 100-TICK! I REPEAT, FORGET RUNNING GG5 AT 100-TICK!!! This is a complete waste of time and server resources!!! A 66-tick GG5 server rocks any 100-tick GG5 server's world, especially in servers with more than 12 players. And running a 100-tick GG5 server will use up your resources and crash your server even faster when resources are limited on the box. When properly configured, 66-tick servers play smoother and provide optimal gaming experience for all clients. Don't be a fool and listen to people that think anything but 100-tick sucks. They have no experience running or selling servers and are clueless newbs. After running servers for over 5+ years, and selling them to, I can assure you I'm not wrong here. if you don't believe me, read the Valve Server specs. You'll learn that Valve's stock Source server settings are 33-tick for a reason, and they themselves are not fans of 100-tick either. Any server operator who runs a dedicated server box or resells servers will surely agree with this if they have done their homework and monitor their boxes like they should. So lose the 100-tick mindset and set yourself free!

3. Make absolutely certain you have enough server memory when running GG5. If your provider is running a dedicated box with shared memory, like most are, it better have only a few servers on it or enough memory to successfully run all the servers they promise to host. Your Gungame 5 server will chew up more memory than almost any other servers on their box, so be kind to them and do a nightly restart so other servers on their box don't crash either from your server's excessive use. If you run your own dedicated server box, 4 GB of RAM is the absolute minimum unless you only host one GG5 server on the whole box. If you host more servers, 4 GB of RAM is minimum with 8 GB being preferred. If you don't have more than 2GB of RAM available for your dedicated server, remove GG5 now. You're wasting your time unless a fix is developed for the memory leak that exists.

I have created another post to assist people with setting rates and GG5 server settings optimal performance. It can be found here:


It has helped a lot of people and save a lot of people from going bald. I think a review may help you. Please don't think I'm some know-it-all. I'm certainly not. The info there is what Iive learned from a year of suffering and testing, just like all of you have, and I just don't want to see others go through the pain I did if I can help it.

Take care gang!
Mike Vail
BOOM! Lt. Maverick
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Postby Don » Thu May 21, 2009 7:47 am

Thanks very much for your post and your experience. Yes the memory leak is quite annoying and we are hopeful that will be gone in the next release of ES and GG.

You posted a lot of good info here. I decided to split this and sticky it until we get the issue resolved.

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Re: GG5 server running in deathmatch mode advice

Postby XE_ManUp » Sat May 23, 2009 6:42 am

Thank you for your incredibly insightful post. I must admit that this is one of the best posts I have read on this issue thus far.

The GunGame development team is working on finding ways around these issues. However, there is a flaw in one of the messaging commands that we use, which colors the players' names via their team color. The flaw in this command is that it leaks memory. This actually is an EventScripts issue that we hope to be resolved here shortly. This really depends on how busy Mattie is going to be (the developer of EventScripts).

Anyhow, thanks again for the post.

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