You need to clean house of admins!!

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You need to clean house of admins!!

Postby yenko » Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:12 am

One of your admins has banned me and this isnt the only time one has, I think the choices are poor with choosing admins and giving them there allowances to ban people whom are clearly not hacking such as myself.
the server im regarding to is ip address: for the gungame deathmatch server, the admins every time i come in and i end up with a score of anywhere ranging from 10-0 or like my most recent ban was because i was 27-8? these admins think that i must be hacking?................. really???????!?!?!?

of course after the ban, i immediately googled GunGame5 and then registered with this website to let you guys know your poor choice in administrators. I suppose i will no longer go to great lengths to have multiple accounts with steam which are all fully functionable because I dont hack, hence the poor judgment put on me by your admin's and save myself the trouble and no longer connect and enjoy a server i loved everything about, the "regular's" that would connect, the attributes the server carries, but once an admin comes in, its like my mood is shot down cause there just gonna terrorize me.

I sincerely hope that with this forum you can find out which admin has banned me, unban me, and as a result giving your admins proper coaching on how to actually catch a hacker and not assume to the scoreboards.

If you choose to unban me i will be most gratified
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Thank you!

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Postby Warren » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:12 am

GunGame 5 is a Counter-Strike: Source mod, which we develop and give support for on this website. The only relation we have to the IP you mentioned is that they are running our mod.

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